What People Say

One of my twin daughters came to Purple Dragon at the age of ten, and her life was transformed. When she is in the dojo she feels it is the best part of her day. Her closest friends are there, she feels a tremendous sense of belonging. Purple Dragon is her passion in life.


After watching classes for a few years and seeing the incredible level of fitness attained, by even the youngest of children, I started Kickboxing at the age of 51 and have never been stronger or felt better. I have no aches and pains, and feel such a sense of empowerment. Kickboxing is fun!


Want to change your life for the better? THIS is the place to become more physically, mentally, spiritually more than you have ever been! The Instructors, the facilities, and the location are superb. Leading the way of your personal transformation Sensei Amber Murphy and Senpai Isaac will guide you to a new and meaningful existance as I have personally experienced. Forget the workout with the weights and the repetitive jogging - this is the real deal when it comes to self defence. Don Jitsu is practical, applicable and is a mixed martial arts style that combines karate, jiu jitsu, judo, striking and weapons! They also teach kickboxing and yoga for all members of your family. I have tried many, many different kids of fitness, sport and self defence, but this is a way of life! YOU WILL LOVE BEING  PART OF SOMETHING GREAT